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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

JS CC Week #5

Join us for a captivating week of talks on JS-related topics and more from April 22-26! Learn the ins and outs of Angular Signals 🛰️, dive deep into the revolutionary world of Generative AI 🤖, get the latest scoop on MACH News 📰, and enjoy a lively debate on the role of AI in developer life 👩‍💻.

App.js Conf [Kraków, Poland]

App.js Conf is a 3-day event focused on React Native and Expo. It’s a place where you meet the creators and maintainers of React Native and Expo and share your experience. Be a part of the community and shape the future of app development with us.

JSHeroes [Cluj-Napoca, Romania]

JSHeroes is a non-profit community-organized event held every year in Cluj, Romania. Our goal is to bring together JS and Web/Frontend enthusiasts from all over the world for a single-track two-day conference providing quality content, amazing networking, and tons of fun. You bring your ideas and desire to learn, we provide the relaxed atmosphere and the good vibes.

Craft Conference [Budapest, Hungary]

Craft Conference is an international festival-like tech event in the heart of Europe - Hungary. Celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2024, it combines talk sessions and masterclasses where attendees can learn about the latest tools, methods and practices of software craft. The event that serves as a compass on new technologies and trends in software delivery, provided by the greatest experts from all over the world.

International JavaScript Conference [San Diego, US]

From Angular and React to WebAssembly, from Progressive Web Apps to JAMstack – international experts share insights on the present and future JavaScript. Join us to broaden your knowledge and network with other JS enthusiasts.

Latest Events

[TechSnack] Mind Detox: Get your focus back

In this SoftSnack, Aliaksei delves into his personal struggles with focus and attention issues. He shares effective strategies that helped him reclaim his mental clarity and offers insights for anyone looking to overcome similar challenges.

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